Insulating Concrete Formwork | ICFs | from NUDURA provide design professionals, architects, home owners and contractors a more efficient way to build. Building with Insulating Concrete Formwork allow homes and commercial buildings to be built stronger, more energy efficient, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly. Insulating Concrete Formwork provides greater energy solutions for any structure.

Insulating Concrete Formwork uses polystyrene connected with a web system that allow the forms to be stacked and steel reinforced. The polystyrene forms are then built up on site and filled with ready-mixed concrete. The polystyrene combined with the concrete offer provide a thermal mass, allowing structures to be heated and cooled more effectively.


Warmbuild home, Cullenagh, Ireland - Curved walls are usually every builder's nightmare. But for specialist house builder Barry Fingleton, not only were they a must-have when it came to designing his own 3,250sq home in County Laois, in Ireland, he knew that by using insulated concrete forms, it would also be a piece of cake. Read Article


NUDURA Offers Four Hour Fire Protection 
NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms offer four-hour fire protection for a minimum 152mm thickness concrete core. Tests show that the system is no more toxic than burning wood and do not pose any risk of exposure to hydrogen cyanide. Our forms have been tested for compliance with EOTA and BBA technical requirements. The foam plastic insulation used in NUDURA systems complies with UK and European Codes. All EPS foam used in our formwork contains a mandatory polymeric based flame inhibiting agent, which is designed to extinguish flame when the flame source is removed from contact with the foam.  Read the full Fire Protection statement here.


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Insulating Concrete Formwork is appropriate for any building form, with uses ranging from houses and basements to commercial, industrial, transportation and educational facilities. Polystyrene makes up the largest component of the form during the construction process. The standard forms have two panels which are 67mm in thickness. Once the forms are stacked and filled with concrete, the polystyrene is left in place providing complete thermal insulation for the finished building. The polystyrene blocks give a uniform, smooth surface ready allowing the structure to be finished just like a traditional build.

ICFA Logo Web SmallInsulating Concrete Formwork Association (ICFA) was established in 1992 to promote the use of Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) in the UK and to show how the Polystyrene forms are used. NUDURA is proud to be a member of the ICFA. Click here to learn more about the ICFA


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